Why the Farming Industry is Important Nationwide 


For centuries, farming industry has been related to the production of basic food crops. Presently, agriculture beyond farming envelops mushroom, dairy farm, fowl, cultivation of fruit, beekeeping, silviculture etc.

Today, distribution, marketing, and processing of livestock and crops goods are all known as part of the farming industry. So, agriculture could appertain as the promotion, production, processing, and distribution agricultural goods. Farming industry plays an important role in the entire life of a United States economy. The farming industry is the backbone of the economic system. Additionally securing food and raw materials, the farming industry also secures employment possibilities to a very large part of the population percentage. We will explain the importance of the farming industry.

A source of life 

The major source of life for many people is farming industry. Approximate to 70% of the people directly rely on the farming industry as a means of life.This high percentage in farming industry is the outcome of no development of activities which are non-agricultural to absorb the rapidly growing population. But, most of the population in developed states do not deal with agriculture. 

Contribution to  national income 

The farming industry is the major source of the national income for most evolving countries. But, for the developed countries farming industry enclose a smaller percentage of their national income. 

Importance of international trade 

Agricultural goods like spices, sugar, rice, tea, coffee, tobacco etc. represent the main products of export of countries that lean on the farming industry. If there is undisturbed development practice of farming industry imports are diminished while exports are significantly increasing. This helps to cut down countries unfavorable balance of payments as well as saving foreign currency. This sum can be well used to import other necessary inputs, raw material, machinery, and other infrastructure that is useful for the support for economic development of the country. 

Provision of food as well as animal feed 

Agricultural sector enables fodder for domestic animals. The cow gives to the people milk, which is a shape of protective food. Furthermore, livestock also satisfies people’s food needs. 

Spent excess 

The progress of agricultural encloses marketable excess. Many people are dealing in producing, mining, as well as another nonfarming industry sector as the country, evolve All these persons are counting on food production that they could meet from the nation’s spent excess. As farming industry sector is growing, the output is getting bigger and the result is an expansion of marketable surplus. This can be exported to other countries. 

Source of raw material 

The major source of raw materials to main industries as tobacco, jute fabric, and cotton, edible and non-edible oils is farming industry. Furthermore, many other industries such as the adaptation of fruits as well as vegetables and rice peeling get their raw materials from the farming industry. 

Food security 

A steady farming industry sector provides a country of food security. Exactly food security is the main demand of any nation. One of the biggest problem faced by growing countries was malnourishment, but food security prevents that problem. 

So, let’s summarize. The farming industry is important not only in the United States, agricultural products are important to a whole word. Without food, man cannot survive.