Industries That Are Growing Quickly in Kansas 

Kansas is located in the heartland of the United States, which makes this state convenient place for industry growth. Kansas and the other central countries entered a new era as an intersection of international trade. This Sunflower State is not only known as a symbol of Sunflowers, industry development threatens to become a new trademark. Maybe in the future, we will call Kansas the “Industry State”. 

So, with a population of just over 3 million, Sunflower State packs a heavy economic punch. The population and geographic center of the U.S. is 250 miles away from the largest city in the U.S., in the state of Missouri – Kansas City, making this area a natural center for transport, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing. 

Advanced manufacturing 

Kansas is known as part of America’s Breadbasket, but the workforce is more present in manufacturing than in farming. Kansas is ahead in sustaining manufacturing through education, business impulse, and a favorable business environments. Because of that fact, top companies like Cessna, General Motors and Spyrit Air are located in this state. Kansas successes are obvious. Kansas is the leader in the world in aviation fabrication. About seventy percent of the world’s built-in aviation fleet was produced in this country, where a whopping 250,000 airplanes have been manufactured since 1919. Additionally, the GM factory in Kansas City, Kansas is one of the most fecund assembly plants in the United States. The strength of the mixture can be switched to other products, such as medical devices with the help of the Center for Innovative Biomaterials in Orthopaedic Research. In the same way, the production of plastic is assisted by the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pitsburg State University. In the entire US, Kansas is the only state that has products cluster of rubber and plastic.  


Airplane and its compositions are relevant to the economy of Kansas. Wichita province has a few authentic types of equipment manufacturers including Bombardier Learjet, Beechcraft, and Cessna Aircraft. Also is a home to Spirit Aerosystem and to the biggest Airbus engineering center outside of Europe, the Kansas tenders one of the largest aerospace workforce and a network of suppliers in the world. 


Advanced materials and composites 

South-central Kansas is quickly evolving an industrial cluster of companies in the area of progressive or “engineered” composites and polymers. Kansas state’s capital airplane companies have been included in composite aircraft component design and manufacture for many years.This technicality in advanced supplies also applies to the other important industries such as : 

  • Medical devices 
  • Machinery 
  • Consumer products 
  • Automotive components  
  • Windmills  
  • Scientific instrumentation 

Food processing 

Kansas also has been known for the food industry and robustious farming. We already mentioned Kansas is known as United State’s breadbasket. A caption earned due to Sunflower State’s ranking as the producer number one in the United States of wheat. Also, Kansas is known as number one producer of grain sorghum, and as the head office to the unique grain science program at Kansas State University. Kansas is also famous for manufacturing corn, hay, beef, sunflowers, flour, and soybeans.