Fascinating Facts About Kansas!

When you think of Kansas, you may visualize the different characters from “The Wizard of Oz” before anything else has time to come to mind. Unless you have travelled there or live there currently, it is tough to imagine what could be in this land-locked state. The state of Kansas is truly beautiful and it has quite a rich and interesting history! From aviation and automotive breakthroughs, to plenty of firsts for women, as well as valuable scientific discoveries, Kansas certainly isn’t just cow pastures and wheat fields!

Some amazing facts about Kansas include:

  • Helium was Discovered in Dexter, Kansas.
  • It was the first state to have a Female Senator, Representative, and Governor.
  • Pluto was discovered by a Kansas native, Clyde Tombaugh
  • Considered part of the Bread Basket of the World due to wheat production
  • Kansas is one of the leaders in US Beef Production
  • Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic wreck was born in Wichita
  • Kansas has been at the forefront for fighting for many noble causes
  • 1st Female Mayor, 1st Woman War Correspondent, 1st Woman granted a pilots license!
  • Home of the 1st and only Native American to reach the office of Vice President
  • Eisenhower, a war hero, was born here and became the 34th President!
  • Home of first black man to host a national entertainment show, Lorenzo Fuller
  • Samuel Crumbine was born here, an advocate of good health practices.
  • Home of Fred Harvey who started the world’s first restaurant chain on the rail line in Topeka, KS.
  • Frozen slushy drink, known as Icee was invented here!

For more amazing facts about the great state of Kansas, view the video below. This video was made to celebrate Kansas Day, and goes over facts from A-Z about Kansas and the great discoveries and people it is known for today!