Types of Insurance You Should Have for Your Kansas Based Business 


If you are thinking about starting your own business in Kansas, you should have some type of insurance. If you don’t know anything about types of insurances or how it works, this is the right article for you. Most businesses need to buy leastwise the following 4 types of insurance: 

  • Property insurance 
  • Liability insurance 
  • Workers compensation insurance 
  • Business auto insurance 

Property insurance 

If the property you use in your business is damaged or lost as the result of different types of common risks, such as thief or fire, property insurance compensates you. This type of insurance is not covering just a structure of building but also what insurances name “Personal property” meaning office furniture, computers, machinery, raw materials and other things crucial for your business. Additionally, property insurance is not only protecting your physical goods. It may also secure operating funds when you have a catastrophic loss and you are trying to return to the right business path. Depending on the kind of policy you have, property insurance can calculate coverage for fitment collapse, removal of wreckage after a fire or other damaging event, different sort of water losses and other damages. 

Liability insurance 

Any firm can be accused. Someone may contend that your company caused the damage as the result of, for instance, improper product, service error or negligence for another person’s property. Or a claimant can declare that you created a dangerous environment. Your liability insurance pays harm for which you are found responsible, as well as lawyer’s fees and other law defense costs. If any person is injured by your business, liability insurance pays the medical bills. 

Business auto insurance 

If you are using your own automobile for business intent, consider this with your agent. Many private car insurance policies turn off coverage if the automobile involved in an accident is used mostly for business. A business car policy ensures coverage for vehicles owned by a business. This insurance pays any expenses to third sides created from property breakdown or bodily injury for which your company is legally responsible, up to the policy limits. 

Workers compensation insurance 

In all counties, except in Texas, an employer must have workers compensation insurance if there are more than a certain number of workpeople (from 3 to 5, it depends on the state). Workers compensation insurance is paying for medicinal care and replaces a part of lost salaries for a worker who is injured during work, regardless of who was guilty of an injury. If an employee dies because of injuries which he obtains during work, the insurance secures compensation to the worker’s family. 


These four types of insurance are elementary and you need them if you want to start your business in the United States, but especially in Kansas.  As you see, insurance covers the most basic cases and if you want to be protected and secured, before starting your business activities, read this article. We hope it will help you. 

Why the Farming Industry is Important Nationwide 


For centuries, farming industry has been related to the production of basic food crops. Presently, agriculture beyond farming envelops mushroom, dairy farm, fowl, cultivation of fruit, beekeeping, silviculture etc.

Today, distribution, marketing, and processing of livestock and crops goods are all known as part of the farming industry. So, agriculture could appertain as the promotion, production, processing, and distribution agricultural goods. Farming industry plays an important role in the entire life of a United States economy. The farming industry is the backbone of the economic system. Additionally securing food and raw materials, the farming industry also secures employment possibilities to a very large part of the population percentage. We will explain the importance of the farming industry.

A source of life 

The major source of life for many people is farming industry. Approximate to 70% of the people directly rely on the farming industry as a means of life.This high percentage in farming industry is the outcome of no development of activities which are non-agricultural to absorb the rapidly growing population. But, most of the population in developed states do not deal with agriculture. 

Contribution to  national income 

The farming industry is the major source of the national income for most evolving countries. But, for the developed countries farming industry enclose a smaller percentage of their national income. 

Importance of international trade 

Agricultural goods like spices, sugar, rice, tea, coffee, tobacco etc. represent the main products of export of countries that lean on the farming industry. If there is undisturbed development practice of farming industry imports are diminished while exports are significantly increasing. This helps to cut down countries unfavorable balance of payments as well as saving foreign currency. This sum can be well used to import other necessary inputs, raw material, machinery, and other infrastructure that is useful for the support for economic development of the country. 

Provision of food as well as animal feed 

Agricultural sector enables fodder for domestic animals. The cow gives to the people milk, which is a shape of protective food. Furthermore, livestock also satisfies people’s food needs. 

Spent excess 

The progress of agricultural encloses marketable excess. Many people are dealing in producing, mining, as well as another nonfarming industry sector as the country, evolve All these persons are counting on food production that they could meet from the nation’s spent excess. As farming industry sector is growing, the output is getting bigger and the result is an expansion of marketable surplus. This can be exported to other countries. 

Source of raw material 

The major source of raw materials to main industries as tobacco, jute fabric, and cotton, edible and non-edible oils is farming industry. Furthermore, many other industries such as the adaptation of fruits as well as vegetables and rice peeling get their raw materials from the farming industry. 

Food security 

A steady farming industry sector provides a country of food security. Exactly food security is the main demand of any nation. One of the biggest problem faced by growing countries was malnourishment, but food security prevents that problem. 

So, let’s summarize. The farming industry is important not only in the United States, agricultural products are important to a whole word. Without food, man cannot survive. 


Industries That Are Growing Quickly in Kansas 

Kansas is located in the heartland of the United States, which makes this state convenient place for industry growth. Kansas and the other central countries entered a new era as an intersection of international trade. This Sunflower State is not only known as a symbol of Sunflowers, industry development threatens to become a new trademark. Maybe in the future, we will call Kansas the “Industry State”. 

So, with a population of just over 3 million, Sunflower State packs a heavy economic punch. The population and geographic center of the U.S. is 250 miles away from the largest city in the U.S., in the state of Missouri – Kansas City, making this area a natural center for transport, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing. 

Advanced manufacturing 

Kansas is known as part of America’s Breadbasket, but the workforce is more present in manufacturing than in farming. Kansas is ahead in sustaining manufacturing through education, business impulse, and a favorable business environments. Because of that fact, top companies like Cessna, General Motors and Spyrit Air are located in this state. Kansas successes are obvious. Kansas is the leader in the world in aviation fabrication. About seventy percent of the world’s built-in aviation fleet was produced in this country, where a whopping 250,000 airplanes have been manufactured since 1919. Additionally, the GM factory in Kansas City, Kansas is one of the most fecund assembly plants in the United States. The strength of the mixture can be switched to other products, such as medical devices with the help of the Center for Innovative Biomaterials in Orthopaedic Research. In the same way, the production of plastic is assisted by the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pitsburg State University. In the entire US, Kansas is the only state that has products cluster of rubber and plastic.  


Airplane and its compositions are relevant to the economy of Kansas. Wichita province has a few authentic types of equipment manufacturers including Bombardier Learjet, Beechcraft, and Cessna Aircraft. Also is a home to Spirit Aerosystem and to the biggest Airbus engineering center outside of Europe, the Kansas tenders one of the largest aerospace workforce and a network of suppliers in the world. 


Advanced materials and composites 

South-central Kansas is quickly evolving an industrial cluster of companies in the area of progressive or “engineered” composites and polymers. Kansas state’s capital airplane companies have been included in composite aircraft component design and manufacture for many years.This technicality in advanced supplies also applies to the other important industries such as : 

  • Medical devices 
  • Machinery 
  • Consumer products 
  • Automotive components  
  • Windmills  
  • Scientific instrumentation 

Food processing 

Kansas also has been known for the food industry and robustious farming. We already mentioned Kansas is known as United State’s breadbasket. A caption earned due to Sunflower State’s ranking as the producer number one in the United States of wheat. Also, Kansas is known as number one producer of grain sorghum, and as the head office to the unique grain science program at Kansas State University. Kansas is also famous for manufacturing corn, hay, beef, sunflowers, flour, and soybeans. 

Why should you start a business in Kansas? 

The fact is that in America, as well as in the rest of the world, people are willing to start their own business. But, at the very beginning, they can see that there are many factors that influence the success of their ideas.  

If you decide to start your business in Kansas, we can freely say that you have a lot of advantages over some other places in the United States. Of course, without a commitment to work, these factors absolutely don’t mean anything to you, but it’s important that you know them because they can help you accomplish what you want to achieve. So let’s see why should you start a business in Kansas. 

Kansas is the pro-business environment. 

Business prospers in Kansas because of low operating expenses, a hard and talented workforce, as well as policies that are favorable to business.It is located in the center of the U.S. as well. Companies of Kansas conscript from universities and schools which are some of the best in the state, and have profited from the pro-business legislature and very low taxes. The most important fact is that Kansas encourage business beginners to rise and grow, to look ahead and create a future. 


If you want to succeed in business, transportation is very important. Kansas is offering first class highway, railway, and air communication. Because of Kansas is located in the center of the US and concentrate on building and keeping extraordinary infrastructure means that shipping is cheaper and easier. Finished products and raw shipping are more cost-effective when you are located in the state’s heartland. With “North American free trade agreement”, other central countries and Kansas became an intersection of international trade. When trucks leave Kansas, they can fast and efficiently arrive at the international harbor on either coast to the south and north. 


With a high-level education system, Kansas has a trained workforce.  The Department of Commerce is in charge of work exchange, work recruiting, entire rating and testing. The workforce development board from Kansas determine policy and secures certain administrative entity, all in order to provide effectual Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) administration training program in the region. The dealership, the local committee and/or its certain agents and other associates are working together to provide to employers and jobseekers these services. 

Quality of life 

Kansas is an outstanding place to live and work. With low living expenses, great universities and schools, Kansans savor extraordinary life quality. Cities in Kansas offer a number of deluxe cultural options from music and art to sports and food. Also, they are famous for their friendly little towns and natural beauties. Kansas population is over 3 million. That fact allows for this city to inflict a strong economic punch. A proactive legislature and main gains in taxes, educated workforce, friendly environment and costs have brought together that Kansas become the best place for novelties and investments. Kansas is the fourth shortest commute in the US with average time – less than 18 minutes. Besides that, roads in the country are top-ranked, which means you can be safe, carefree drive whenever you and your family get in the car. If you like sunny days and clean air, you should be on your way to Kansas already. Kansas is 10th for percentage of sunny days and it’s in the top three states for clean air.

Fascinating Facts About Kansas!

When you think of Kansas, you may visualize the different characters from “The Wizard of Oz” before anything else has time to come to mind. Unless you have travelled there or live there currently, it is tough to imagine what could be in this land-locked state. The state of Kansas is truly beautiful and it has quite a rich and interesting history! From aviation and automotive breakthroughs, to plenty of firsts for women, as well as valuable scientific discoveries, Kansas certainly isn’t just cow pastures and wheat fields!

Some amazing facts about Kansas include:

  • Helium was Discovered in Dexter, Kansas.
  • It was the first state to have a Female Senator, Representative, and Governor.
  • Pluto was discovered by a Kansas native, Clyde Tombaugh
  • Considered part of the Bread Basket of the World due to wheat production
  • Kansas is one of the leaders in US Beef Production
  • Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic wreck was born in Wichita
  • Kansas has been at the forefront for fighting for many noble causes
  • 1st Female Mayor, 1st Woman War Correspondent, 1st Woman granted a pilots license!
  • Home of the 1st and only Native American to reach the office of Vice President
  • Eisenhower, a war hero, was born here and became the 34th President!
  • Home of first black man to host a national entertainment show, Lorenzo Fuller
  • Samuel Crumbine was born here, an advocate of good health practices.
  • Home of Fred Harvey who started the world’s first restaurant chain on the rail line in Topeka, KS.
  • Frozen slushy drink, known as Icee was invented here!

For more amazing facts about the great state of Kansas, view the video below. This video was made to celebrate Kansas Day, and goes over facts from A-Z about Kansas and the great discoveries and people it is known for today!